The End of Google Plus. Will it come back?

The remains of Google+ are scheduled to be put to rest on 2nd of April, 2019. Years of underwhelming fan base growth and a general disregard by the higher ups all meant that the day was imminent. As of now, all the news surrounding the once hopeful venture revolves around how bad the platform was and what people are going to miss the most from it demise.

For now, no word on record has been presented by the powers that be regarding the likelihood of a rebirth for Google+ network. So now the lingering questions are, was it really that bad? What were the good things, if any associated with Google plus? And is it ever going to come back? Let’s take a dive into it.

# Why it all ended?

  1. Expectancy: On the very day that Google+ was put forth on the table, poor thing fell victim to its own parent company’s success. On the surface, the services provided weren’t as bad as people today make you believe. A concept that comes out of Google’s boardroom is unfortunately seen akin to a space shuttle’s launch out of the Milky Way, that is, it doesn’t exist.
  2. Competition: Again people thought Google+ was the direct competitor to the likes of Facebook and twitter when it was just a glorified version of MySpace. The buzz died so quickly because the platform stood nowhere near whence compared neck to neck with other juggernauts. General public saw it as something it never was to begin with.
  3. Tasteless money splashing approach: There was never a long term vision with what Google+ was supposed to be. Which is surprising given that it came from the same people who created “GOOGLE !!” Larry Page in 2011 was so enthusiastic about a product that was in some ways a poor man’s version of Facebook. People on other platforms like YouTube had it shoved down their throats. People in general were all of a sudden required to sign up with a platform that they weren’t likely to ever use, in exchange for services that they actually wanted.
  4. Just not being good enough: There’s no turning around the fact, Google+ just wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t meant to be a social networking place like Facebook, they didn’t intended it to be an informative place like Wikipedia, it wasn’t a second coming of twitter for people to express themselves and Google+ wasn’t built as a platform to share songs and fun videos like YouTube. Google+ ended up being a little bit of everything, but a poorer alternate at that.

# What will we miss about the platform?

Even with all the roasting, Google+ did actually have some features people today overlook. Things that we might miss, albeit limited, were actually there.

  1. Hangouts: Still a fresh idea at the time, hangout in many ways is the best thing to come out of Google plus. You can share YouTube videos; enjoy a video chat with a friend, or even a group of friends (up to 10). Hangouts allow texting and privacy support during group chat/video was also a nice addition.
  2. Circles:  true to its, circle was meant to create a friend circle of circle of followers. You can click on the circle shape left to the screen and choose to follow any group you wanted to. The user also could choose the people that are able to follow them.
  3. Google Navigation: Though independent, the navigation tool was exclusively meant for Google plus. It contains a Notification feature which included all the activities you would want to see, all in one place.
  4. Data Liberation: One has to give them props for this. A Google+ user, with this feature was able to download any data he liked from the sand bar located in settings.

#Final Goodbyes? Or will it be back?

Though nothing has been said on the matter, and many digital marketing companies in India have their own thought regarding it. Rumor mill though does suggest that Google+ might just come back with a host of added features and fresh designing and templates. Also knowing Google, it won’t be foolish to bet on them returning with the version 2.0. The organisation continuously comes with updates on everything all the time. Facebook with its latest privacy leak has also suffered a blow. All things do point towards a comeback and people at the helm are smarter than most of us. However, even if isn’t meant to be, Google+ was still resourceful, if unspectacular. As mentioned before, it just fell victim to the name associated with it.

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