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Salesforce for HR & Human Resources Has Opened New Development Windows

Today, Management and HR leaders have joined hands to work on overall employee experience in business organisations. What once used to be just for the betterment and improved experience of the customers has now changed as organisations have concentrated on developing the idea of employee engagement as well. By customers, no organisation these days have limited their thoughts to only the external stakeholders who pay to own the services and products made by the business organisations. The word customer today also stands for the employees who are delivering all their skills and abilities in the growth cycle of the business organisation.

Therefore, if we keep Salesforce’s viewpoint in front of us, we should see that the best way to organisational development is to keep its employees engaged and connected so that they stay the most productive at work.

Salesforce for HR & human resources guarantees a whole new way of staying updated and connected with the employees. By incorporating transform employee helpdesk, organisations are able to find information that helps them make better decision on employee engagement. For delivering the same experience that customers enjoy from any organisation and their applications, now employees would do the same. Amazing digital experience and self service knowledge coupled with an easy access is believed to boost productivity of the employees like never before.

Keeping these aspects in mind, the platform by Salesforce CRM for human resource has decided to make applications that would make HR leaders and employees work towards being more productive. As the applications are made to have access from all devices and would run in shared data, it is believed to accelerate the process of HR functionality.

By working in the same model Salesforce is doing, the HR departments of organisations are believed to give their  employees a connected and personalised work environment. While customers experience a 24*7 connectivity with businesses through applications, and are able to check all progresses all the time, the same mobile and versatile approach is believed to be the ultimate for the employees as well. Experts say that by giving the employees the same customised experience as the customers, aspects live developing talent, team management, team building and on- boarding, transforming shared responsibilities and management- gets prioritized at one single click.

Pros, cons and features of human resource application by Salesforce

While it would be repetition to state the features of the HR application platform again, however, checking the following list have focused on some more aspects as well-

  • With Salesforce HR platform, businesses can have a platform to organise all data of all employees.
  • Organising employee information made easy and one- tap job
  • Tracking job description made easy
  • Recruitment and training system update
  • Leave management system
  • Performance appraisal review system
  • Overtime tracking

Advantages gathered from these features are-

  • Fully customised application to meet internal regulatory system
  • Quick and easy ways to integrate employee management into the internal processes
  • Easy access and single login of the employees help them work on leave application, HR regulations and performance feedback easily.

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