Different types of kittens

Are you looking for the cutest breeds of kittens? If yes, you are at the right page where we have covered everything from Himalayan to Persian internet is crazy about
Cats come in all shapes and sizes. Even within breeds, the behavior, personality, and appearance of cats may vary widely. Genetics and environment play a significant role in a cat’s development, and you can never be certain how your kitten would act and react to you and your surroundings. How would you decide the right feline companion for your family? To help you out, we have prepared a list of different breeds of cats including their behavior, appearance, and temperament.

Abyssinian Cats
Kittens are known for their intelligence. However, if we consider highly intelligent and intensely inquisitive cats within the breed, Abyssinians take away the trophy. They would not leave a single nook or corner unexplored. Adorably referred to as ‘aby-grabby,’ their size varies from small to medium. They come in ruddy, red, blue and fawn colors. They are loyal, mingle with children, play, jump and climb with you and occasionally curl up next to you.

Himalayan cats
Himalayan aka Himmie is a human-made breed, developed by crossing Siamese with Persian to highlight the color points and blue eyes of Siamese. Himalayan cats are loved for their sweet temperament, playfulness, and intelligence. They can keep you engaged in a good game of fetch and are usually entertained for hours in simple activities. They bond very well with families and love to spend times with their hoomans!

If you are familiar with Snowball from Stuart Little, you must be aware of the Persians. Known as Longhairs outside the U.S., they are quintessential luxury breed who loves to enjoy the lap of luxury. Interestingly, they are the most popular feline breed in the world. Their fur needs plenty of everyday grooming. And, as Persians are prone to kidney disease, they require frequent ultrasounds. They are best known for being quiet and sweet and make an excellent addition to a family.

Bengal cats
This docile house cat is remarkable for its distinctive spotted coat and large size. Never delicate, they look like a wild cat from the jungle. Bengal cats have derived their name from the Asian leopard cat. If we talk about their temperament, Bengal cats are playful and love to chase, climb, and investigate. This breed is an athlete with a graceful and strong muscular body. They seek out a lot of attention and can easily land into mischievous episodes around your home.

Scottish Fold
A Scottish Fold is a breed of cat that is characterized by ears folded forward and down – a result of genetic mutation. Not all purebred Scottish Folds have them. The first Scottish Fold was discovered in 1961. They are smart, friendly and loves playing with puzzling toys. They enjoy human interaction and seeks attention. Scottish Folds loves the company of their ‘hoomans’ and other friendly cats as well as cat-friendly dogs. Often, this feline may amaze you in strange postures, like lying flat on the floor with legs sprawled out, perched in weird posture, lying on their back with paws in the air.
No matter, what feline breed you have, you can never know how it will act and react to you. In the end, all that matters is your cat’s preferences and temperament as individual as yours. However, one thing is certain, they all thrive on love, care, and attention.

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