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Executive Summary

Dubai the jewel of modern era the world most diverse and advanced city where 3.137 Million people from different nationalities live together. To maintain this huge population in a modern manner is quite difficult. Dubai lies in a part of the world where the most challenging weather is present. According to the met office, Dubai 355 days the sun shines. This shiny sun and a huge population rise the temperature of Dubai at 49oC. In this kind of environment, it is very difficult to live and work. In these circumstances, Air conditioning becomes an essential life necessity.    

The Air condition in Dubai weather works continuously even in winter sessions because the high rate of population and some times the equipment necessity needs it and the running of Air conditioning units become essential. The continuous working of AC units needs their regular maintenance and some times they malfunction due to heavy usage and malfunction. In the high-speed world of Dubai where nothing stops it is an additional responsibility to find a technician to fix your one of the major life necessity.

The CNC UAE company provides you the facility of providing experienced and competent technicians on your doorstep. Just make a call and our representatives are here for you 24/7.

Reasons of AC Problem

Air conditioners are majorly fell down due to the following reasons.

•    Gas Leakage

•    Dust

•    Blockage

•    Poor Lubrication

•    Aging

•    Electrical Problem

If you ever face any problem with your AC you just need to call us we have the best person to fix these problems moreover we can aware you how to prevent your machine from failure, which can definitely a benefit to your pocket.

Here we describe the major causes of these malfunctions.

  1. Gas Leakage:

The cooling agent mostly used in Air conditioners are Ferron gas it is nontoxic and non-pungent gas. That’s why it is impossible to detect its leakage it is only found when your AC stops working. Gas leakage was occurring by different factors which include:

i.    Improper Joints fixation

ii.   Roatan metal pipe

iii.  Damaged internal Structure

iv.  Icing

v.   Blockage of Pipe

  1. Dust:

In the weather and geography of Dubai there is sand everywhere which can ultimately affect the internal units partially but outer units specifically. The moist and sandy weather of Dubai made a layer of sand over the integral parts of units like filters and outer unit grills. Some times the fan of the outer unit is jammed.

  1. Blockage:

The blockage is one of the major factors which not only effects the Air conditioning capacity of the unit but also affect the integral parts like compressor, thermostat and other electronic instruments. It mainly caused by the improper arrangement of piping that connects the Outer unit to the inner units.  

  1. Poor Lubrication:

Lubrication of moving parts is very important such as outer unit fan, Inner fan tube, and the shutter units. If these are not exactly lubricated it cause very annoying noise and in worst conditions, it jammed that can harm your all unit brutally.

  1. Aging:

Age of the machine is also impacted high on the capacity. Especially if the unit is working without proper maintenance it would make a serious problem. We recommend you to make regular check-ups and specially if the unit is off till a long time.Electrical Work:

Most of the AC units consumes high electricity however today’s Less consumption units are available but your unit is expensive enough and you will not allow it to be damaged by some kind of low-quality electric work.

Common Air Conditioning Problems which are easily fixed and commonly serviced:

The technology on which Air conditioning works are based on these few parameters which are reasonable maintained for a good air conditioning Experience.

  • Cooling Agent/ Refregerant:

In normal Refrigerators as a cooling agents Freon gas is used it is non-toxic and non-flammable gas which rotates around you air conditioners to make the grils cooler. As a first and most common issue is the absence of this cooling agent.

  • Thermostate/Electronic Control:

Due to Aging and other factors like humidity and heat can posses fatal impact on these instruments and equipment these are easily repairable and replaceable but the problem in these types of equipment impacts very dangerous to your Unit.

  • Drainage:

Some times the drainage is blocked due to that the important and integral parts of Unit are covered with ice and later on became used less due to water content.

  • Joints:

The Outer and inner units of Air conditioners are connected with brass pipes through which the Cooling agents flow. In many circumstances, these pipes and joints are exposed or damaged because of this the cooling agent flew out and Ac stops working. So we keep a keen check on these items and cure them properly if they are damaged or leaked.

  • Air Filters:

In the middle east especially Dubai, the sand is flown everywhere which cause a blockage in the air filters of Ac which periodically needs cleanup to ensure the air supply to the indoor unit.

  • Compressor controls and Suplies:

The compressor is the heart of all system we check and clean the externals of compressors because any small defecting in it can make the whole unit useless.

Salient Features of Cool & Cool Company

  • Competent and Experienced Work Force

We are blessed with the highly professional and competent work force. They are from diverse backgrounds. They are highly competent in their work and trust worthy.  

  • Timely Services

In the office Timing we are extremely fast to reach your location and fix it in competent timing. In the running environment without disturbing your house hold we are able to work.

  • Technical Staff

Our staff is not just a labor they are technically trained to install new units and replacing the old one by understanding the environmental needs.

  • Supervision & Consultancy

We are able to consult you while choosing your Air conditioning units we advise you best in our instinct.

  • Comparable Charges

We charge you reasonably for our services.


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